Please allow me to introduce myself

Hello, and welcome! My name is John Endicott, and I live on the majestic Colorado Front Range. I’ve worn many hats: journalist, business writing instructor, technical communicator, instructional designer, and eLearning developer. The thread tying these together is a burning desire to (1) learn, (2) teach, and (3) better understand (1) and (2).

Our company’s inspiration and namesake, Rogue. Doesn’t she look cogent?

Rogue’s Gallery is a spot to chat about decision making, problem-based learning, systems thinking, mental models, behavioral economics, and anything else that suggests new ways to think about Cogent Rogue’s mission: creating and deepening expertise.

Disclaimer: The thoughts posted here come from the perspective of a specialist, not an expert. They haven’t been evaluated by the FDA, ABET, the eLearning Guild, or the Laughing Academy. Still, I hope they make you reflect, and that your comments will do the same for me.

On with the show, good health to you!